On the edges of Imperial space, the Kardenau sector has long been considered one of the safest sectors to work in. Aliens have been scarce, and the only real claim to trouble is the struggle against pirates or ambitious lords who push past the boundaries that they are allowed. Long have scouts and patrols gone into the great darkness of the surrounding regions of space only to report back a void of existence for as far as they dare travel. Though this has now all changed.

Ten years prior a Lord-Captain bearing a Warrant of Trade reported finding lost civilizations. The location of his travels or how he found the location has been a closely guarded secret until just recently. It has been nine years since the last communication and many a greedy palm grows tired of waiting. Chance would have it that a freak accident would leave room for another new Captain to join the ranks of the Rogue Traders. With Warrant in hand, he is tasked with setting out to trace the steps of the lost Rogue Trader and with seizing the potential riches of the region.

Into the Dark

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