Into the Dark

Into the Dark

Edition 2: The Long Wait for a Post

Day 60:

The Icarus and her crew have found themselves in the Tian Sector, or so others call it. After exploring a small segment of the system they found a planet that is suitable to be colonized. After a conflict that lasted for nearly two months, the Icarus managed in the end to defeat a band of raiders that landed on the planet.

Though with everything the raiders turned out to be apart of a much larger force called the Sincant that is inhabiting a nearby system. After defeating a witch, as well as a demon, it is confirmed that the raiders have heavy ties to Chaos. From the mouth of a captive the crew learned of a supposed group of forty five vessels, mostly Raider sized, that is operating from a space station three systems away.


phelanwl phelanwl

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