Into the Dark

Swamps of Horror

Edition 3: Heresy

The planet of Melvas Prime has started to be cataloged and recorded. From pictures of animals to the life of the oceans and the resources they all contain, steady progress has been made in discovering the riches the planet might hold for the new crew of the Icarus.

The threats that reside planet side seem to be few at the moment. No sign of the last Witch and the Sincant in the mountains have been dealt with. The greatest threat since the battle for the city has come from a twisted unnatural swamp in the middle of the continent. Inside the depths of the jungle resided a small base and a device that would appear to have created an opening to the warp. From this opening the land about the base became twisted and infested with unnatural life or perhaps the natural life simply took a new form. Though this threat has been neutralized or so it might appear at first.


phelanwl phelanwl

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