Into the Dark

Into the Dark

Session 0

Kardenau Sector, home of countless lives dedicated to the great Imperium of Man. Sitting on the edge of Imperial space few would consider it the most dangerous post in the Imperium. Alien raids are rare and the only real dangerous claim comes from pirates and the very nature of warp travel. The space at its borders is vast and empty as if it was the very edge of the galaxy or so some have thought.

After countless years of trying to find anything within reach on the borders of the sector, Lord-Captain Nuvas found what many had tried to find before. He reported that an entire sector worth of individuals that had once belonged to the Imperium had been cut off and stranded. Though where this location was it seemed at the time was never recorded. Ten years prior all communication with Lord-Captain Nuvas ended and all hope for discovering more about where he went was lost.

Ten years later James R. Donovan III for actions taken upon his previous vessel caught the eye of Inquisitor Lord Siresh Tinset at a most opportune time. The vessel Icarus had recently lost her crew and with it the life of the Rogue Trader that commanded her. Due to the design of the Warrant of Trade Inquisitor Lord Siresh Tinset utilized his right from the original wording of the Warrant to offer it and the vessel to James R. Donovan III with two stipulations and a surprise. The Inquisitor Lord had the last known location of Lord-Captain Nuvas.

The first stipulation requested of the new Lord-Captain was that he, if able and it is safe to do so, should attempt to locate or find out what happened to the lost Lord-Captain Nuvas.

The second stipulation came with the order to search out and explore the new sector. All information gained was requested to be sent back to him.


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