Melvas Prime

Current Day/Night Cycle: 4 Hours of Night and 20 hours of day time.

Melvas Prime is an actual earth like world though smaller than Earth. It has a wide range of different environments from deserts, forests, mountains and a vast ocean. If you think you could find something on Earth then most likely it would be here as well.

Discoveries about Melvas Prime:
*The planet holds the remnants of three small cities that were built some time before by the Nelvis Corporation. Each was raided and destroyed about nine years prior when the Sincant attacked and destroyed everything they could get their hands on. The Sincant did not seem interested in taking prisoners or capturing the technology of the planet.

*The center colony was the main hub of the small group that had colonized the planet. In the center of the colony was a terminal that contacted a communications tower high up in the mountains that ringed the colony. The terminal is currently buried under a Sincant Warship that was shot down by the heroic warriors of the Imperium.

*The Southern colony that is about a week’s travel on foot has been turned into a military staging point. The grounds have been heavily fortified after a need for a base on the ground was realized after multiple attempts to drive the Sincant off the planet.

-Trees: So far three types of tree’s have been discovered near the southern colony. Two of the types would fit well for building if the need was there for it. The other type was a much higher quality that should fetch a good price when traded.

*Notable Sites
-Twisted Jungles: At the center of a large out of place jungle resides a small base. The land around it is twisted and tainted, the cause most likely the warp though why exactly and how is still a mystery.

Melvas Prime

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